MAC Sumo Sale: 25% Off All Products!

June 9, 2009

Oh MAC, why are you so tempting?! I’ve missed all the previous F&F sales, but this time the internet is abuzz with the upcoming Sumo sale on June 16-18! During these 3 days, MAC is offering 25% off all its products (excluding Viva Glam) and I’m muy excited! I’ve been itching to pick up some MAC staples and this is awesome timing!!! In my bag so far:

-Fix+ + Rose (the addition of rose is such a great idea)
-194 Concealer Brush
-150 Powder Brush
-187 Stippling Brush (love it so much that I need another one!)
-Pro Palette Quad x4 Eyeshadow
-Bronze, Ricepaper, Era, and Satin Taupe pro palette refills
-Uniform Technakohl Liner (a must-have in my daily routine)

I want morreee!

Enter code: SUMO at checkout for 25% off and free shipping! Enjoy. 🙂

Wokai: Growing Microfinance in China

June 6, 2009

We forget easily that the $50 on foundation, $100 on clothes, $300 on sunglasses, and etcetra is money that not many people have the luxury of spending. Especially as women in corporate America, we forget even more easily that we are lucky to have opportunities which do not exist in other countries.

One of our good friends is currently working overseas with Wokai, a non-profit organization focused on providing microloans to poor entrepreneurs in China. I was amazed to see how little money (compared to how much we spend on a regular basis) these people need in order to better enrich their lives and provide for their families. As such, please read below for more information regarding this great cause!

What is Wokai?

Wokai delivers an internet microfinance platform that allows individuals to provide Chinese microentrepreneurs with loan capital. Our organization acts as an intermediary in this process, transferring funds from contributors abroad to microentrepreneurs in China through our field partners.

Who does Wokai support?

A typical Wokai microentrepeneur is a female rural inhabitant, living on less than $1/day. Her microfinance loan, ranging from $150-$300 dollars, provides her with the capital to start a small business. Her business varies by location, raising sheep in a rural grassland or operating a small fruit stand in a city center.

With her income, she accumulates savings, which allows her to allocate money towards long-term investments like education and health. By the end of her loan cycle, she has experienced increased financial independence, bolstered self-confidence, and a strengthened sense of community.

Learn more and contribute today at

This blog post is part of Zemanta’s “Blogging For a Cause” campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

Zemanta will be giving away $6000 (split) to the five charities who get blogged about the most before June 6. Please help us reblog and spread the word about Wokai!

Eye Awakening Discovery

June 1, 2009

Trips back to Berkeley and the SF Bay Area always make for some great weekends: I love the people, places, food, and weather (most of the time). I’ve only been back twice since moving to LA and it never fails to surprise me that after having lived there for 4 years, there’s still so much I’ve never seen/done before!

On my most recent trip, I didn’t just discover some fantastic new food places, but also a girl’s most needed accessory: pink eyeliner! Like many, I’ve heard countless tips about lining the bottom waterline with white eyeliner as an eye-popping trick (a la Tyra Banks). However, being darker toned, my little Asian eyes have never really been able to pull off the look the way it’s meant to be done. While getting ready for a night out with the girls, I noticed this cute little pencil in my friend’s make-up pile. It was perfect! The shu uemura brand has always caught my attention for its vibrant coloring, so I’m not surprised that the Spring Mode Drawing Pencil in Me Pink is another one of their fabulous concoctions.

After scouring multiple Nordstroms for the pencil, I finally picked up this much need addition to my make-up collection! The pencil is creamy and smooth, perfect for a quick and easy application without the worry of eye irritation. The pink hue also has the perfect hint of glimmer in it. No, not glitter, but glimmer and shine. This is a great feature that sets it apart from Benefit’s best-selling Eye Bright, which is matte and thus doesn’t show up as much when I wear it. I love that I can stick to lightly lining my waterline for daytime wear and then upping the oomph factor by drawing the inner corners of my eyes for a night out!