Mike & Chris Sale at Reverse!

December 15, 2009

As if I haven’t been buying myself enough goodies this past month, one of my favorite (usually overpriced) lines went on sale today on Reverse! EFF! I love the style of Mike & Chris–comfy and casual. Thankfully, at 70% to 80% off, I can finally afford to pick up some of their pieces!

Glen Zip Up (Orig. $216, Sale $65) Long and lean, and great for throwing over skinny jeans. My favorite part is the shoulder flap in the back.

Dustin Cotton Voile V Neck Tunic (Orig. $160, Sale $39) I love, love tunics. I love, love white.

3 Button Tights (Orig. $68, Sale $19) My mom makes fun of me for wearing leggings because they shouldn't be considered pants, but the button detailing on these will hopefully make them look a little more legit.

I’ve been lusting after a Mike & Chris hoodie ever since I first laid eyes on the line (a leather jacket might be next on my list now)! For less than $200, how ever could I have resisted? I even learned a new trick on how to check my credit card number without my supervisor noticing. Hurry on to the site because things are selling out quickly! Click here for an invite to Reverse.

Rebecca Minkoff West Coast Sample Sales

November 30, 2009

For all us West Coasters who are lusting after some Rebecca Minkoff goodies after reading Janice’s post on the NY sample sale, we’re in luck!

I’m going to be out of town this week so I won’t be able to make it out there until Saturday, but hopefully everyone else will be able to snap up some great finds before they’re all gone. I am reaaalllyyy hoping for a Morning After Bag so am super excited for this!!

Can’t Save, Must Shop!

February 11, 2009

Yesterday, a messenger harked the coming of another Theory sample sale. Yay! I cheered. Cry! went my credit card. It’s gotten a lot of exercise this month and wants to rest, but I couldn’t pass this up. Not when last time I had such success, not when I need more work clothes, not when it’s Valentine’s Day!!! Ok I convinced myself.

I found two pieces I liked – the Suneeta dress, and the Debra skirt. The boatneck and shape of the dress is great! It slightly bows inward from the hips, creating a small bubble effect. And I love the pockets and the skinny patent belt. The pockets-on-skirts trend has always appealed to me as functional, and looks cute when your hands are feeling awkward. Now I want more pocket-dress options!

The Debra skirt is high-waisted, and in a nice teal color that’s not often found in my closet. I grabbed a size 00, and it is really tiny. Like, almost can’t breathe tiny. I thought it would sit lower on my waist, but nope, it’s right up there. Definitely not a skirt to wear if I’m planning on chomping down on a big lunch.

The Suneeta was a stock piece, and priced at $99. The skirt was an irregular, and much cheaper at $40. Last time, when I went on the 2nd to last day of the sale, there weren’t any sample or irregular pieces left. This time though, racks upon racks awaited! It was a scavenger hunt rummaging through unlabelled pieces, avoiding items with rips and tears, and emerging with a piece that actually fit and was in decent condition. If you can find it though, the prices are much more reasonable – $60 for dresses, $40 skirts, $30 tops, etc.

The fitting room line was waaay long, so I took a gamble and bought both pieces without trying them on (hey, there’s always Ebay). I got lucky, because the Suneeta fit great, and the skirt I can wear higher up and still get away with it because I’m short =P I knew there must be something good about being petite.