Summer Sandals

May 30, 2009

Summer’s pretty much here and with the beautiful change in weather, every girl needs a cute, comfy pair of sandals! Now that I am no longer a scrubby college student at Cal, it’s probably time to trade in my beloved Rainbow flip-flops for something a little dressier to pair with my summer outfits (hello dresses and skirts in bright colors!). Unfortunately, despite all the choices that are out there, finding a pair I’ve liked has been more of a difficult task than I expected.

Finally, thanks to some help from a co-worker, I picked up a perfect pair from Urban Outfitters


The Ecote Braided Leather Sandals are exactly what I’ve been looking for: simple, cute, comfy, and will go with any outfit. I’ve been wearing them for a week now and love that they are so lightweight and soft. The sandals come in five colors (all very cute and wearable) and are only $28! They may not be the dressiest or trendiest pair of sandals, but I’m loving how easy they are to slip on for weekend and nighttime outings.

These sandals also appear to be a huge favorite of The Hills’ girls. Lauren Conrad has been spotted out and about in black and cognac versions while her BFF, Lo Bosworth, was recently seen with the ivory Ecotes while donning a cute summer dress:

(photo credit to Pacific Coast News)

Celebrity Endorsements Overload

February 20, 2009

Even in this ever slumping economy, companies pay big bucks for their celebrity endorsements. Working on a client of mine, I’ve come to learn that something as little as a guest appearance at an event can earn a celeb as little (or as much) as $200k!!!

As someone who *loves* to read advertisements–and really believe them–I can’t say that I’ve ever really been that impressed by seeing a celebrity proclaim their love for a mascara in the many pages of my magazines. They just become another page I have to flip past to get to the articles I want to read because they all look so similar. I don’t remember who’s associated with which brand and I don’t gush to my girlfriends that I saw so and so on TV “using” L’Oreal‘s latest creation.

I for one, like many, am actually pretty tired of seeing celebs on EVERYTHING. I love celebrity gossip blogs and would be quite happy to look like some of them, but I just don’t understand the point of overdoing it as much as it’s been done lately. Let’s pay them for what they do and make our beauty decisions based on the actual product. It’d be great to actually see ads that focused on the product and the brand.

The things that really matter to me when I decide to try a product are: (1) purpose of the product, (2) unique characteristics that set it apart from something I already use, (3) reviews by peers, and (4) brand reliability. With the amount of products I shuffle through each day, I want to be presented with as much information as possible regarding a new one that I might add to my regime.

I love you, Drew, but I don’t need you to tell me that I should love LashBlast (and I actually do!!). From looking at the ad above, I would’ve thought these things: I love LashBlast already, maybe I will try this version of the product! I love how Drew looks (knowing that she’s most likely not even using CoverGirl make-up)… I would purchase the product based on my own knowledge of the brand and product. My opinion on Drew’s make-up here is no different than if I saw her looking like this in a separate photoshoot–I see no real correlation between what she looks like and the product that is “attached” to her image on the ad.

Celebrities can serve as great inspirations for style and make-up looks, but when considering the credibility of a product, I don’t need to see their beautiful faces on every page of my magazines to convince me to run out and buy something.

ASOS: As Seen on Stars

February 8, 2009

I love weekends. Besides being an oh so much needed break from the struggles of the work week, I get to go home. This weekend I came home to a nice surprise: my ASOS order that I’d totally forgotten about!

ASOS is an online store I’ve often checked out, but been hesitant to order from since it’s based in the UK. ASOS, which stands for, as seen on stars, specializes in just that. You can easily search the site by celeb and grab your own version (or even the real thing) of something that Posh, Alexa Chung, or Nicole Ritchie have been seen wearing (and who doesn’t want to look as fabulous as them?)! I love finding the weekly Style Update emails in my inbox as they offer some great tips and style choices (seriously, you need to subscribe to this).

After having absolutely no time to shop and being in desperate need of some new clothes, I finally decided to place an order. I’ve read mixed reviews online about the quality of the clothes, but thought I might as well give it a try. The items range from designer must-haves to more affordable ASOS-brand pieces–there is plenty to choose from! The site even offers a spiffy video of the item on the runway. Shipping was only $6 despite being sent all the way from the UK and I’d say my package took about 2 weeks to get here.

I picked up a shirt, high-waisted tulip skirt, leather work tote, and a bunch of necklaces. Overall, the items were pretty true to site-image and description. The shirt has an odd sizing and didn’t turn out as cute as it looked on the model, but hey I guess I’m no model… The necklaces are as fun and versatile as I hoped they would be! I will defnitely be purchasing from ASOS again. For now, those style updates will have to do! See below for my favorite pieces from the order:

Isla Fisher’s Scarf Style

January 28, 2009

As we face colder days here in LA this week, I realize that it’s probably time to pull out my scarves for the season. I must admit that I’m a little addicted to my H&M pashmina-esque scarves, but usually take the simple route of just draping them around my neck (out of laziness and lack of creativity). It gets the job done of keeping me warm, but there are definitely more fun ways to play them up.

Luckily, the stars are always there to serve as inspirations for all of us. I love Isla Fisher–she’s so, so pretty and seems like such a sweet girl. Popsugar caught her in LA on Monday out and about and looking cute as always. The temperature has actually hit the low 50’s here, and double-looping the scarf securely around the neck does for a simple, but very practical look.

As a side note, I can’t wait for Confessions of a Shopaholic!!