Cheaper Can Also Mean… Better?

March 3, 2009

Just 10 years ago, I purchased my first CoverGirl concealer and have gradually worked my way towards favorites from Prescriptives, NARS, and MAC. After becoming addicted to YouTube beauty guru videos and actually seeing what some drugstore items are capable of, I’ve allowed myself to venture “back” to the drugstore make-up aisles (making my Target trips much more fun!). Sometimes cheaper can also mean better.

Physicians Formula has recently launched its new Organic wear line! I’ve been seeing these ads all over the place lately and never really took the time to see what they were about. After finally reading up on the line, I really want to try it out! Most companies are attempting to “go green” these days, but Physicians claims this is the first “Certified Organic Line of Make-up in the US”. The department store snob in me is rather skeptical about how good these products will actually be. After all, veggies are good for us, but I definitely don’t like those. Could this be too good to be true?

After perusing the product offerings, I’m definitely looking forward to giving some of them a try. Top three items on my list to look into are: (1) Matte Finishing Powder ($13.95), (2) Tinted Moisturizer ($9.95), and (3) Eyeliner Pencil ($7.95). They’re affordable, simple, and I love the Ross Lovegrove quote which the company uses in its mission statement: “[We] exercised organic essentialism – using nothing more – nothing less than what was needed.”