Can’t Save, Must Shop!

February 11, 2009

Yesterday, a messenger harked the coming of another Theory sample sale. Yay! I cheered. Cry! went my credit card. It’s gotten a lot of exercise this month and wants to rest, but I couldn’t pass this up. Not when last time I had such success, not when I need more work clothes, not when it’s Valentine’s Day!!! Ok I convinced myself.

I found two pieces I liked – the Suneeta dress, and the Debra skirt. The boatneck and shape of the dress is great! It slightly bows inward from the hips, creating a small bubble effect. And I love the pockets and the skinny patent belt. The pockets-on-skirts trend has always appealed to me as functional, and looks cute when your hands are feeling awkward. Now I want more pocket-dress options!

The Debra skirt is high-waisted, and in a nice teal color that’s not often found in my closet. I grabbed a size 00, and it is really tiny. Like, almost can’t breathe tiny. I thought it would sit lower on my waist, but nope, it’s right up there. Definitely not a skirt to wear if I’m planning on chomping down on a big lunch.

The Suneeta was a stock piece, and priced at $99. The skirt was an irregular, and much cheaper at $40. Last time, when I went on the 2nd to last day of the sale, there weren’t any sample or irregular pieces left. This time though, racks upon racks awaited! It was a scavenger hunt rummaging through unlabelled pieces, avoiding items with rips and tears, and emerging with a piece that actually fit and was in decent condition. If you can find it though, the prices are much more reasonable – $60 for dresses, $40 skirts, $30 tops, etc.

The fitting room line was waaay long, so I took a gamble and bought both pieces without trying them on (hey, there’s always Ebay). I got lucky, because the Suneeta fit great, and the skirt I can wear higher up and still get away with it because I’m short =P I knew there must be something good about being petite.