MAC Sumo Sale: 25% Off All Products!

Oh MAC, why are you so tempting?! I’ve missed all the previous F&F sales, but this time the internet is abuzz with the upcoming Sumo sale on June 16-18! During these 3 days, MAC is offering 25% off all its products (excluding Viva Glam) and I’m muy excited! I’ve been itching to pick up some MAC staples and this is awesome timing!!! In my bag so far:

-Fix+ + Rose (the addition of rose is such a great idea)
-194 Concealer Brush
-150 Powder Brush
-187 Stippling Brush (love it so much that I need another one!)
-Pro Palette Quad x4 Eyeshadow
-Bronze, Ricepaper, Era, and Satin Taupe pro palette refills
-Uniform Technakohl Liner (a must-have in my daily routine)

I want morreee!

Enter code: SUMO at checkout for 25% off and free shipping! Enjoy. 🙂


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