Back to Work Beauty

Yep, the time has come for me to return to work after a revitalizing 3-week break. Can’t say I’m *that* excited about getting back into the grind of long workdays. Besides getting the chance to catch up on some much needed beauty rest (cheapest way to get bright eyes!), I loved not having to get dressed up on a daily basis. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to make-up free days and sweats. After a year of working, I’ve been able to cut down my morning beauty routine quite a bit (thanks to laziness), but it’s still hard to come up with new ways to look fresh and ready each day. I wish it didn’t matter, but I’ve come to learn that looking grubby at work doesn’t help me garner as much positivity from coworkers, superiors, or clients.

Thankfully, there’s help out there! I started watching videos made by YouTube beauty gurus last year and have been able to pick up some pretty great tips from these ladies. One of my favorites is Christine, aka xteener. Not only is she a sweetie, but she stands out from the rest of the girls in her ability to use fairly cheap products to come up with some really natural and pretty looks. A few days ago, she uploaded a new video that I’m definitely going to be putting to use over the next few months. I’m loving the sleek and polished hairstyle. This is one of my favorite ways of keeping my hair out of my face for longer workdays and the addition of braids is so perfect! For a more conservative touch, lessen the “poof”. Paired with the light and natural make-up (which she also has a tutorial for), this is definitely a quick and sophisticated, work-friendly look.

Watch below and subscribe to her channel for more helpful tips and tricks.

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