Helloooo Kitty!

January 12, 2009

Much to my boyfriend’s chagrin, one of my slightly childish unexplainable obsessions is Hello Kitty. After opening an account at BofA last month and triumphantly whipping out my Hello Kitty bank card, he half laughed half choked, and made me vow never to use it while paying for dinner. Anyway, he needn’t have worried, because I ended up cancelling the BofA account (but kept the card!)

I digress. Of course I had to prove to him that there were indeed grown-up Hello Kitty things sold by grown-up stores. Exhibit 1: (thank you Neiman Marcus):

Eee! Super adorable! The Neiman Marcus collection is designed by Kimora Lee Simmons, so it’s a little flashy flash, but there’s nothing wrong with some bling, (if you can afford it since it is $$$….*one day!*). I think the ring would be fun and cute to wear with a little cocktail dress, and I looove the Hello Kitty White Ceramic Watch . . . too bad I don’t wear watches or have a spare $1k lying around.

If that isn’t enough grown-up HK fun, in February 2009, the geniuses at MAC are coming out with a Hello Kitty makeup collection!!

Zomg so excited for this 2-parter: One is a Mild/Wild Kitty collection, and the second is a higher-end Kitty Kouture collection. I haven’t bought MAC in awhile, but this might cause me to break that pattern. Particularly, the Kouture items are splurge worthy-status. The collection showcases 2 MAC Dazzleglasses, which I’ve heard rave reviews about its great formula for getting shimmery and glossy lips.

This is the second time MAC has partnered with a childhood icon (the first was the Barbie loves MAC collection), but I am so much more enamored with this one than Barbie. These collaborations are smart for MAC to re-invent themselves and offer their customers something new – not an easy task for a company whose permanent collection has the biggest rainbow of colors of any makeup line.

Hello Kitty hits stores in February. I know what I’m hinting for for Valentine’s Day!