Nick & Mo Tessa Coat

November 7, 2009

9_4_09_2_largeAs mentioned in Janice’s winter coats post, I’ve been wanting to buy the Nick & Mo Tessa Coat from The White Dress Shop, but it’s been sold out for a while now (probably because, like it did for me, Tiffany’s recommendation really won everyone over). Well thankfully, the store has such amazing customer service that not only did Bola email me back last month to say they’d be getting more of these, she emailed me again yesterday to share the great news that it was finally available again! For only $149, this is a perfect white jacket for the coming winter months. The mock collar and buttons are cute and simple! This will be much more fun to throw on for my holiday outings. No more covering up those cheerful dresses with the same boring black coat this season!

The site is also offering free shipping on orders over $100, so this makes the purchase even more of a must. White is one of my favorite colors to wear because it’s the simplest go-to color so I will definitely be checking back with the site to see what other goodies they’re going to offer in the future.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

July 18, 2009

It’s here! Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, which only happens once a year, and is different from all other sales because the prices drop BEFORE the season starts. Which means there are actually all sizes and colors available! But you gotta act fast, because the sale ends August 3.

The Anniversary sale features the newest fall styles at lowered prices, so you can nab that coat/jeans/sweater/dress/boots you would’ve bought ANYWAY right now! Usually, I like to buy for the season, and am terrible at taking advantage of stocking up on pieces for the opposite season. Yes it’s what you’re should do, but who can think about puffy jackets when I want to do is run out to Central Park and soak up the kisses the Sun generously gives out?

Maybe I’m growing up, but I’m learning an adult skill called planning ahead. It’s smart to start collecting for the fall/winter while the getting is good. I picture myself as a squirrel boarding up acorns for the winter haha. Here are my top picks for the Anniversary Sale:


Adriana Papell dress in Deep Blue.

Beautiful and work appropriate dress. I love the neckline – mandarin collars are so flattering and the V isn’t too deep.


A girl needs to have some florals in her closet.  The dark background and chiffon material makes it less casual, and underneath a leather jacket would edge it up even more.


Michael Michael Kors double breasted jacket

Thinking ahead to winter, need more jackes and I like the color, but am wondering if this is too similar to my Theory jacket? That one is dark blue, also double breasted, with three rows of buttons..


Omg if there were a perfect little leather jacket, this would be it!! The collar is perfect, and I think the collar is the most important part of a leather jacket.  The color is unique, it’s cutely cropped, it has epaulets, and slashy zippers! $300 is a little steep though… hmmm.

/edit: I took the plunge and bought the leather jacket, buuuut it was disappointing. The picture doesn’t show just how flashy shiny the buttons are, and also that the zipper is actually asymmetrical and goes diagonally across the chest. Those features, along with the epaulette shoulders and slashy zippers on the front make this jacket entirely too much to handle. A leather jacket is already calling out for attention, so I prefer more toned-down details. Back to the warehouse this one goes.

I miss California and all the Nordstrom stores. There are none in NYC, how tragic!