Change (of Accessories) is Here

January 19, 2009


So sorry this wasn’t posted earlier, but there is still 2 days left for this sale! Hayden-Harnett, a Brooklyn-based bag company, has some cuuuute stuff, and EVERYTHING is 50% off. Enter the code PRESIDENT at checkout for the discount. Barack is already doing great stuff in stimulating the economy before he is even inaugurated =P

In their regular collection, I am really loving their Clutch Wallet in Tango Red ($170, with discount is $85). What a beautiful color – I love red accessories because they offer just the right amount of pop. Am also digging the rear change pocket – so useful for keeping my Metro card and work ID card to quickly get in and out. The hardware makes the wallet look durable and suitable for carrying out as well.


/Edit: Ok, I perused the website all night, and fell in love with these bags! Also did a bit of research and found that there is a loyal following of these HH purses. I like that I don’t see every girl carrying them here, and the bags don’t have logos but are recognizable for those who know and love the line.


I reallyy like the idea of the Ibiza Flight Totes ($98 on sale), and definitely want to get one for the summer. Nylon = durable, convertible (it folds in half east-west style for a smaller going out bag) = practical, and lots of colors to choose from = one for everyone! These remind me of the Longchamp bags that every girl and her mom (literally) has.. but a bit of a twist. It’s meant for travelling, but good for work/school also, as it has a compartment for a laptop. The leather contrasts the leather nicely, and I like how the short/long strap gives you two options of carrying it.


┬áMind rules over heart right now though. I need a work bag desperately, and am probably going to pull the trigger on the Conrad bag, above, in black. It’s roomy and holds a decent amount of stuff, but still can carry on a night out.

Since we’re in a recession, even 50% off can still tough on your wallet, so good news! Hayden-Harnett has a Target collection, available now. This is actually how I first heard about the company; their Flight Tote (in canvas instead of the Ibiza nylon) caught my eye as a practical and colorful choice for getting through security and comfortably to your destination. & at $50, it’s muy affordable. The brown Hobo bag is also very cute, and is a Want for work!