LUSH Brazened Honey Mask

November 2, 2009

I love Sundays! Besides the fact that they’re officially dubbed my “lazy days”, they’re also my beauty “freshen-up” days. After slacking off on my regime during the week due to fatigue, I always make sure to save some time on Sunday to tend to what I’ve missed out on. One of the essential skincare items that I absolutely cannot (and should not) do without is a face mask. After a tough past few weekends, I’ve missed a few Sundays here and there and have definitely seen the difference. Applying a face mask is unlike any other way to pamper, soothe, and treat one of our most important features!

I actually ran out of my Fresh Umbrian Clay mask and have been debating whether or not to repurchase it. It’s been great at controlling my breakouts and calming my skin, but not great enough to warrant the $48 price tag. Always on the lookout for a fun new mask to try, I figured I could definitely find something else… and something else I did find!

I stopped by the Beverly Hills LUSH store after grabbing brunch today and stumbled upon their fresh bar of concoctions. LUSH offers tubs of freshly made face masks aimed at a variety of skin remedies. I felt like each mask spoke to me in a different way and it took quite a while to decide on the Brazened Honey mask. Aimed at exfoliating and brightening tired skin (goodbye dull skin!), the added promise of tightening pores was just a bonus feature that sold me. This product reminds me a lot of the Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Scrub (which I LOVE) that I have so often dabbed on as a calming mask. However, since this is actually formulated to act as a mask, it also had the kick of really cleaning out my pores. Like with the MB scrub, I scrubbed my face beforehand while applying it and then again, by mixing the dried mask with warm water while removing it. After a quick 15 minute application, my face felt soft, smooth and balanced (not too dry and not too oily). Some people have said that the thick consistency of the product has made it difficult to apply, but I didn’t find any problems with this at all. It was a little tough to remove since it’s so chunky, but I like that I could really massage it around my face while taking it off.

Since they’re made free of preservatives, each $5.95 tub is supposed to last 2 weeks. I’ve been reading reviews and customers claim that they’ve been able to use the masks up to a month since the products are kept refrigerated. This makes more sense since there’s way too much product to use up that quickly so we’ll see how good it stays into the month. Since I picked up the BB Seaweed mask as well, I’m probably in for some trouble in finishing both up within the month–I got too excited and didn’t think this through at the time.

As an added plus, for every 5 containers you return to the store for recycling, you get one free mask of your choice! I think this will definitely keep me coming back for more. Other notable items to purchase (per my best friend who’s obsessed with LUSH): Coalface Cleanser, Ocean Salt Cleanser, and any of their solid shampoo bars (which are equal to 3 bottles of 250ml shampoo bottles!). I’ve officially discovered another beauty obsession. Eeeeek.