Adding a Perfect Touch with Pearls

October 11, 2009

Lately, I’ve become absolutely obsessed with accessorizing with pearls. As a little girl, I was gifted with a pink strand and was adamant about wearing them everywhere. Now at the age of 23, I remember why I always loved them. They’re a perfect way to dress up any outfit! Check out one of my favorite looks spotted recently on One Tree Hill (I know, no one watches this show but me):


Just found Tiffany’s style blog recently and am loving it (I think it’s my new favorite blog of the moment)! Her post here shows a beautiful pearl necklace from Marika King that I am dying to get my hands on! It’s sold out for now, but will hopefully be available again soon.

I picked up a simple long strand of pearls from Nordie’s recently and am going to keep my eye out for more to add to my collection. They will be the perfect touch to my darker fall/winter wardrobe. Here are a few other pieces that have caught my eye:

betsey johnson tulle trim necklaceBetsey Johnson Tulle Trim Pearl Necklace ($48). It’s simple and elegant, and the black tulle adds a fun touch! The black and white effect offers some similarity to the Marika King one.

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Nordstrom Long Strand Illusion Glass Pearl Necklace ($48). I’m loving the layering possibilities and the fact that the pearls are spaced farther apart.

forever21 satin chain necklaceForever21 is always an easy stop for fun and cheap accessories. Here’s a pretty strand of faux pearls with a blush pink satin ribbon interwoven throughout. Priced at only $6.80, I love!

And just for fun, I saw this while shopping in SF last weekend. With a price tag of $598, it’s probably a bit out of my price range, but looked so gorgeous wrapped up in a row of 4. I will probably have to stick with more affordable pieces for now, but am going to love all the fun possibilities they offer! Wear more than one piece at a time, tie on a satin ribbon, take them out to play or off to work. Why not have some fun with a classic staple?

ASOS: As Seen on Stars

February 8, 2009

I love weekends. Besides being an oh so much needed break from the struggles of the work week, I get to go home. This weekend I came home to a nice surprise: my ASOS order that I’d totally forgotten about!

ASOS is an online store I’ve often checked out, but been hesitant to order from since it’s based in the UK. ASOS, which stands for, as seen on stars, specializes in just that. You can easily search the site by celeb and grab your own version (or even the real thing) of something that Posh, Alexa Chung, or Nicole Ritchie have been seen wearing (and who doesn’t want to look as fabulous as them?)! I love finding the weekly Style Update emails in my inbox as they offer some great tips and style choices (seriously, you need to subscribe to this).

After having absolutely no time to shop and being in desperate need of some new clothes, I finally decided to place an order. I’ve read mixed reviews online about the quality of the clothes, but thought I might as well give it a try. The items range from designer must-haves to more affordable ASOS-brand pieces–there is plenty to choose from! The site even offers a spiffy video of the item on the runway. Shipping was only $6 despite being sent all the way from the UK and I’d say my package took about 2 weeks to get here.

I picked up a shirt, high-waisted tulip skirt, leather work tote, and a bunch of necklaces. Overall, the items were pretty true to site-image and description. The shirt has an odd sizing and didn’t turn out as cute as it looked on the model, but hey I guess I’m no model… The necklaces are as fun and versatile as I hoped they would be! I will defnitely be purchasing from ASOS again. For now, those style updates will have to do! See below for my favorite pieces from the order: