Mike & Chris Sale at Reverse!

As if I haven’t been buying myself enough goodies this past month, one of my favorite (usually overpriced) lines went on sale today on Reverse! EFF! I love the style of Mike & Chris–comfy and casual. Thankfully, at 70% to 80% off, I can finally afford to pick up some of their pieces!

Glen Zip Up (Orig. $216, Sale $65) Long and lean, and great for throwing over skinny jeans. My favorite part is the shoulder flap in the back.

Dustin Cotton Voile V Neck Tunic (Orig. $160, Sale $39) I love, love tunics. I love, love white.

3 Button Tights (Orig. $68, Sale $19) My mom makes fun of me for wearing leggings because they shouldn't be considered pants, but the button detailing on these will hopefully make them look a little more legit.

I’ve been lusting after a Mike & Chris hoodie ever since I first laid eyes on the line (a leather jacket might be next on my list now)! For less than $200, how ever could I have resisted? I even learned a new trick on how to check my credit card number without my supervisor noticing. Hurry on to the site because things are selling out quickly! Click here for an invite to Reverse.


2 Responses to Mike & Chris Sale at Reverse!

  1. coastalpolitan says:

    aargh just went to the site after reading this post and all the things i’d like are sold out!! love the white tunic, and i really wanted their fleece jackets!

  2. mich LA says:

    i feel so bad! i was trying to type as quick a post as possible. this is one of the best online sales i’ve seen so far!

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