Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale GOODS

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Tuesday was VIP night of Rebecca Minkoff’s much anticipated NYC sample sale. I went after work and thought maybe just maybe if I go at 830 the line wouldn’t be so bad. Yes and no – it was really easy to get into the sale (no line) but once in, the checkout line snaked around the room, crowding around the tables with all the purses on them, making it an extreme workout to fight your way through people with your coat and bounty of bags. Nonetheless, I discovered my inner endurance and stuck it out, and ended up with a few yummy purchases:

Newest additions to the fam

From left to right: Matinee (unknown color, think this was made just for the sample sale. Similar to taupe but texture is different), Saddle Morning After Clutch (hereafter referred to as “MAC”), Plum MAC.

Matinee in mystery color

This is my new work bag to alternate with my black HH Conrad. I like how this is a cool tan/beige color with to the silver hardware so it feels more versatile than a more yellow/gold palette. It’s very chic casual when paired with mostly blacks, but still dressy enough due to the structured shape. The Matinee is probably my favorite RM shape.

I’ve always wanted a dark red purse, eye-catching but not too loud (i.e. not tomato red), muted enough to be classy yet still pops against a dark monochrome outfit. First I followed around a girl with the plum MAC draped on her hoping she would put it down, then I felt like a sad little puppy so decided to go find my own color MAC instead. I picked up the warm brown MAC since I don’t have any purses to carry when I’m wearing my cognac boots, then magically at the end of the night I saw not one but TWO plum MACs, and of course they came into my hot little hands to compare. The one I ended up choosing has this beautiful pebbled leather *drool*! Love love love it.

Bathroom shot

The strap on the MAC is longish, and being a petite girl, it dwarfs me if I use it normally. But after reading forums I picked up a few tips on shortening the length and this is my favorite style. A little Chanel-esque =P I can also double up on the strap and make it even shorter.

Plum on left, Grape on right

Earlier this spring, I went to the sample sale and scored my first RM – a grape Morning After Mini. The color is gorgeous, but I just don’t find myself giving it the love it deserves since it’s a hard to match color, and the bag is heavy due to the size and hardware.  I’m actually thinking of selling the Grape since the Plum is so similar in hue. Also, just have to point out the pebblyness of the Plum leather vs. the smoother Grape.

The best part? Rebecca herself was there at the VIP night and I asked her to sign the Plum MAC!!! She’s so pretty too, tall and skinny, very put together looking. I also got rung up by her brother, the CEO of the company, haha. I like that it’s a family business!

MACs in different colors.. that's okay right?

The MAC in front is the Grey Skies color, it’s my roommates, I just like seeing all of them together =P

All in all, I’d say it was a successful sample sale. AND I mentioned it to a coworker and a friend and they’re both dying to go this weekend! It’s so fun to spread the excitement of sample sales and love of purses!!!


3 Responses to Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale GOODS

  1. mich LA says:

    i don’t own any colorful bags but this post makes me really want to have a minkoff now (especially in that gorgeous grape color). you’re so lucky you got such great finds at the sale!

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