Boots Loot

They arrived! The boots I posted about below are finally here! Today we’ll be discussing the case of Melissa Button v. Paige (harhar, remnants from my Legal Studies days)

When I first pulled both pairs from their boxes, I could feel my boyfriend rolling his eyes without even turning around to see his face, since I also thought what must’ve been going through his mind, “They’re the SAME!” But the great differentiator between males and females are girls’ attention to minute detail and the ability to build pro and con lists very quickly to convince herself of one boot over another. So here goes:

– Leather on the Melissas felt more raw and wet, I don’t know how else to describe it. The Paige Tall riding boots felt very smooth, and right away I could tell this was why the Paige’s were more expensive. It could just be a preference thing, and not an objective quality issue, since my roommates both preferred the “more real leather” feel of the Melissas

– Flap on the Paiges definitely made my calves in front look wider, but the clincher was the back dip that even more so emphasized my big calves. Ew. I did like how the Paige flap looked in theory just not on me, gives an updated look to classic flat boots.

– Sidenote: Piperlime’s circumference disclosure was off! It lists the Melissas as 13 inch around, but I’m definitely bigger than that and they still fit! Think they’re around 14 or so, but I probably can’t wear thick socks and thick jeans.

– Sizing on the Paige was funny. I wasn’t wearing socks so that could the culprit but every step I took with them on exhaled a small but distinctive farty sound. Maybe there was a tiny whoopee cushion in each foot or it could have been excess air, but I didn’t want my shoes to come with sound effects.

So in the end, I chose the Melissas! SCORE they were also the cheaper of the two.

And some pictures!

Exhibit 1. Paige on left, Melissa on right

DROOL at the luscious leather.

I’m super happy I can check off Flat Black Boots from my Necessities list. I’ve sprayed these with rain protectant so hopefully I can trot down the street with these rain or shine and these babies will last forever.


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