I Buy Impractical Things

Fred Flare has some of the CUTEST, quirkiest, whimsical-est things, and luckily for us, they are having a 30% holiday preview sale off the entire site! The Christmas counter on the website handily reports that indeed, there are only 49 days left until our favorite green-and-red holiday, so it’s a great time to stock up on gifts for your loved ones. Or if you’re like me, it’s a marvelous excuse to buy things I needed anyway so why not get some with serious cute factor?


First, I needed mugs. Yup, boring old ceramic mugs. But then I found these upside down animal mugs ($20 each)!! When right side up, they are normal looking drinking cups, but I’m motivated to finish all my liquids so I can turn the mug upside down and stare at the cute faces on the bottom! I received the panda and cat ones yesterday, and as a disclaimer, just want to say that these are super adorable BUT tiny, almost like shot mugs. Maayybe it can hold a triple espresso, or 6 sips of tea. But they’re too cute to ship back so I’m keeping them!



Real life comparison. Mugs are teensy compared to my roommate's grown up sized tinkerbell mug

These Russian doll measuring cups ($16) are cute and practical!! Although I don’t really bake or cook or do anything in the kitchen besides make Ramen, so maybe these aren’t that practical. Well, if in the future, I suddenly get an itching for baking, these will definitely be useful.

russian cup

After doing some research on these, I found that Anthropologie Russian Doll measuring cups ($28), are exponentially higher cute factor, but also a lot more impractical. They’re made of stoneware for goodness’ sake, I’d probably just stare at their prettineses, but would be too scared to actually use them.

I also got heart shaped earbuds because why should we be stuck with normal earbuds? Why NOT have fun with the everyday usage products in your life, and get some super duper cute ones while you’re at it? Okay, so my bf laughed at me while I had them in my ears, but they give me an extra kick in my step, and that’s what matters.

Other awesome suggested buy from Fred Flare:


Holly Golightly sleep mask


Mini umbrella friends. Love the feet/handle


USB drives. Favorite is the turtleneck guy!

Don’t be fooled, Fred Flare also has lots of clothing and jewelry options in addition to these accessories and small pieces, but I haven’t yet tried them. This was my first time shopping with FF, shipping was super quick, mugs were packaged with plenty of bubble wrap, consider me a happy customer!


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