Stomping in Puddles

Happy Friday!!! Although it’s gray and cold outside, Fridays are always a reason to be happy.  This weekend promises to be a wet and sloshy one, with rain and more rain. How to tell if your area will require an umbrella and/or galoshes? Try this website – straight to the point and hilarious. It also stores your location info, and helpfully suggests whether to bring an umbrella. Funny, before I moved to New York, I never checked the weather, there wasn’t a reason to. It still hasn’t become a habit yet, so I just keep an umbrella in my bag at all times or go to Duane Reade to buy one (which I’ve done oh, 4 times).

For those brave enough to go out, I’ve come across some cute rainboots to equip you for some quality puddle jumping:


Burberry Mid Calf Check rain boot on sale at Nordstrom’s for $99.90. The website doesn’t show it as on sale, but anything ending in $.90 at Nordstrom’s signals a discounted cost. Good for those who like the iconic design of Burberry but don’t want to pay 2X the price tag.


A more subtle, gorgeous alternative from Burberry. Love the deep berry color that stands out in the rain. The tall boot is also more accomodating for wider calves, which from personal experience, should not ever have anything cutting it off at midcalf.  If I didn’t already have this pair from Jeffrey Campbell, I’d get these in a heartbeat.


Hunter rainboots ($115) are a perennial favorite, and are available in short and tall lengths in a rainbow of colors. Yellow wellies stomping around on rainy days are just so happy! I’d want a fun pair to beat the rainy blues. A lot of retailers carry these, I’d wait until there is a coupon code to grab these (Piperlime would be a good bet with their 20% off coupons).

And just for fun, here are some adorable Tokidoki rainboots! These bring out my cheeky side who loves Hello Kitty and all cute animations. Ee! (There are also Hello Kitty rainboots available by the same maker but even I know some limits of embarassment).


This weekend is Saks Friends & Family 25% off. Burberry and Hunter are both not one of the many exclusions. Excuse the double negative, both are included! You can use this to get rainboots or anything else you’ve been saving up to get!



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  1. lol i loved ur post….

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