Wolford = Warm Fuzzies

Just wanted to comment on this amazing pair of tights that is keeping me warm today while walking to work and running some errands during the afternoon. Wolford’s Opaque Polar Tights have a super warm, fuzzy lining alongside its interior that creates a much more substantial barrier against wind and cold, so much more effective than the hole-y fabric of tights. Like fleece for your legs!! Soft soft soft like the first time you wear it before washing.  The fibers are created using a moden knitting technique technology for extra durability. One of the commonly touted benefits of Wolford is that it lasts forever, which is three times longer than I can say for my other pairs (I’m looking at you Hue and DKNY!)


These do look like any ordinary pair but Google images assures me these are Wolford Polar tights

The outer surface of the tights is totally opaque and matte, unlike the soft satiny sheen that normal tights give, so it’s a tradeoff.  But what’s cool is the vertical ribbing on the outside (the fuzzy internal lining is stitched in vertical panes), adding a pattern to otherwise plain legwear.

Wolford tights are pretty expensive – retail is $68 for this pair – but I snatched these up in 2 minutes at the Ruelala sale awhile back for 50% off!  Literally, I set an alarm for the sale to begin since I knew my size and the opaque black pairs were sure to go quickly.  Years of piano and facebooking (now twittering) have trained my fingers to be super speedy and accurate in clicking.  I checked out with the Polar pair, and another dark brown (“Mocca”) pair which is more breathable.  The dark brown is the go to during a cool summer/brisk fall day, whereas the ones I’m wearing today I consider my industrial strength tights.

Creators at Wolford, you guys are geniusesss.


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