Mmmilitary Coats

A guy in uniform may not do it for me, but there’s something about a military coat – the epaulets, the big buttons, the double breast maybe? – that really tingles my aesthetic senses. It’s only the first few weeks of October and already I’m feeling the chill in New York City; it’s a good day if the temps are up around the mid-60’s. If this were school, that would be an almost fail. NYC is an autumn fail, skipping past the gentle transition and plodding straight through to winter. BUT! The “almost” is salvaged by cozy scarves and warm coats to snuggle into… starting with beautiful military style coats that I’m loving:


Browsing through VS, this coat immediately caught my eye. Dark navy coats are a great way to change up the usual black jacket, and the double columns of buttons nip in on top, and flares out with a pleat. Girly on bottom to balance out the military look. The model’s hair is in the way, but I think there are also epaulets on the shoulders! Once you have one or two basic coats, the next step is to shop for details, details. Given a choice, I would definitely go for the Sangria Red, yup.

Then, I went snooping around the Internet for other variations of this coat, and omg I found my dream military jacket, the Stella McCartney Felt coat, as seen on Anne Hathaway and Demi. DROOL, the color, the horizontal closures, the tie belt. If only, if only.


(photo by


One Response to Mmmilitary Coats

  1. coastalpolitan says:

    awesome finds! i was just thinking i definitely need a new coat (yes even in LA).

    have been thinking of getting this coat:

    not a military jacket, but loving the silhouette and color!! i emailed the store and they said they are working on getting size small restocked!!

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