Once You Start, You Just Can’t Stop…

I hate that shopping can basically cure all. After feeling a little down lately, I’ve forgotten how easily a girl can get lost in the excitement of new purchases! I desperately wish I was more immune to this weakness… but alas, once you start swiping that card, it’s pretty much never going to stop. My current obsession: SHOES.

While doing a little roaming around in SF this past weekend, I stumbled upon these Michael Kors ‘Berkley‘ sandals… on sale for $98 from $128!!


I’ve been looking for some “trendier” shoes to add my embarrassingly nonexistent collection of shoes and these were perfect! I love that they’re simple, but offer a little more with the zipper detail. The SF Nordie’s didn’t have my size, but I was able to pick up a pair today in LA on the way home from work. They are amazingly comfortable and will be a quick and easy way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans. I’m also looking forward to throwing these on with a mini skirt and tank top for those nights out. These will have to do before I can afford anything like the hot Manolo’s that my friend picked up this weekend. 🙂


I did some more browsing around while killing time before my Bar Method class (more on this in a later post) and quickly fell in love with the kate spade ‘felice’ flats!


I haven’t found a pair of flats that I’ve really liked in forever and these are not only the perfect combo of cute and girly, but are SO comfortable. The price tag of $195 was a little too steep for me at the moment, but Fate works in mysterious ways. Although I had doubts, I scoured the internet in search of these cuties on sale and somehow, THEY WERE ON SALE. At 40% off on Nordstrom.com, my fingers did some clicking and by this time next week, I will have some adorable new flats to wear for the fall. I’m certain that these beautiful flats will quickly replace my black patent Revas as my go-to pair since the nude color will serve as a great pairing for any outfit.

Two great shopping excitements in one day made for a great Monday. As the fall season is finally starting to set upon LA, I’m looking forward to adding to my cold season wardrobe as well! Let’s hope for some exciting new looks in the weeks to come.


One Response to Once You Start, You Just Can’t Stop…

  1. Janice says:

    The Michael Kors sandals are great! I’m looking for some plain black with some zing shoes for going out also!! Love the chunkiness of the heel for comfyness, and the zipper! Am loving zippers recently.

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