Summer Sandals

Summer’s pretty much here and with the beautiful change in weather, every girl needs a cute, comfy pair of sandals! Now that I am no longer a scrubby college student at Cal, it’s probably time to trade in my beloved Rainbow flip-flops for something a little dressier to pair with my summer outfits (hello dresses and skirts in bright colors!). Unfortunately, despite all the choices that are out there, finding a pair I’ve liked has been more of a difficult task than I expected.

Finally, thanks to some help from a co-worker, I picked up a perfect pair from Urban Outfitters


The Ecote Braided Leather Sandals are exactly what I’ve been looking for: simple, cute, comfy, and will go with any outfit. I’ve been wearing them for a week now and love that they are so lightweight and soft. The sandals come in five colors (all very cute and wearable) and are only $28! They may not be the dressiest or trendiest pair of sandals, but I’m loving how easy they are to slip on for weekend and nighttime outings.

These sandals also appear to be a huge favorite of The Hills’ girls. Lauren Conrad has been spotted out and about in black and cognac versions while her BFF, Lo Bosworth, was recently seen with the ivory Ecotes while donning a cute summer dress:

(photo credit to Pacific Coast News)


3 Responses to Summer Sandals

  1. Janice says:

    oh i like these!!! i too have been looking for good summer sandals – cute, lightweight, and slightly dressier than the normal flipflop. so far, ive only got the skinny havianas in a pale gold color – so i didn’t step too far from the “no flipflops” category, boo on me. i’ll check out at UO!

  2. Mike Chang says:

    janice. where can i get this? I want to get this for my gf

  3. coastalpolitan says:

    at Urban Outfitters! Maybe they’re on sale now since summer is over

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