In the Nude

When I find a pair of shoes I like, my sequence of thinking goes like this: 1) do they have it in my size? 2) should I get black/silver or brown/gold? It always kills me to have to choose between the two – black goes with everything, but I love goldish tones for my skin and for an extra dash of warm sparkle.

Recently, I’ve decided nOt to choose, and instead go for nude-colored shoes, which presents a perfect compromise in the black vs. brown dilemma. Nude in itself can range quite a gamut of shades.. from beige, to yellowish cream, to pinky peach.  I have a pair of nude pumps for work, and it just works with everything.  Plus, it makes me feel taller because the color extends the leg and gives the illusion of length =)

Yesterday, I got a package from Nordstrom with a pair of nude shoes and a cardigan.  Sidenote: I love packages.  I love the anticipation of getting the notification email, ripping off the tape of the boxes, and shrieking in high-pitched glee when everything arrives intact and actually fits perfectly. Such was my package yesterday.  After clicking on the Nordstrom site for weeks and biting my fingernails over whether to buy it or not (I’m just a little indecisive), I pulled the trigger and got these pretties:


please don't hurt me, 4 inch heels

Mmm, cant wait for summer! Love the heel, the patent leather, the interesting cut. Looking at that skinny stick stiletto though is going to make me paranoid of potholes, gutters, and any sort of vents on the ground.  Best of all, these match everything for those summer dresses! Black? Yes. Brown? Yes. Red/purple? Yes, yes, yes!  Do-it-all-ness is a quality I appreciate in people, as well as shoes.


frontal view, on my hardwood floors


One Response to In the Nude

  1. mich LA says:

    i definitely agree with the necessity of some nude heels! there are a few outfits i never get to wear to work because they don’t look as nice with my typical black heels. these will be so fun for the summer! 🙂 i am looking to upgrade my wardrobe for the season and will be needing some nude heels of my own.

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