Kensie: Party Pretty

I took the day off from work to run some errands and see the dentist today! It’s amazing what one extra day in a weekend means–I am definitely looking forward to only working 4 days a week in May.

One fun thing I got to catch up with on my day off was the stacks of magazines which have piled up over the past months (yikes!). I must confess that after spending 70% of my week in business casual clothes, I haven’t really added much to my “normal” wardrobe lately. While checking out the March issue of Elle, I came across a gorgeous advertisement for Kensie.

The Spring ’09 collection focuses on fun and flirty dresses, all priced under $200 (most are $158). I’ve never seen any of the pieces in person, but the line is carried at a multitude of boutiques, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. As the weather gets more and more beautiful each day, any of these dresses would be cute for spring outings or warm summer parties. Most of the designs utilize a soft bone color and their high-waists and full skirts offer some figure-enhancing shapes (something I desperately need at the moment). I love that the brand is very focused on a light and romantic essence which is carried out via its ads, website, and mantra. As I become more and more bored with seeing the same dresses on people, this is a refreshing choice for the months to come!

Who says we can’t still have some fun now that we’re working? In the words of the brand, “We love to play.”


One Response to Kensie: Party Pretty

  1. janice says:

    ooo pretty! the dresses look airy, and give an ethereal look =) im loving the soft, nude colors, but would worry about getting them dirty. also feeling the high waists and short lengths – the illusion of a longer skirt makes it look innocent and not scandalous even if the hemline is pretty short.

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