Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

With the rush of work finally starting to settle down, I’m looking forward to picking myself up and having some much needed pampering in the days to come. Luckily, Spa Week is back!

If you’re not familiar with Spa Week, let me enlighten you! I first heard of this back in college through my roommate. Twice a year, spas around the country offer up some of their most coveted treatments for only $50! Isn’t that amazing?! According to founder, Cheryl Reid, it is her goal to make luxurious pampering available to everyone as well as allow customers to try out new spas without having to pay the high prices. It’s a genius marketing plan! The website also clearly organizes the spas by location and labels treatments with Wellness Pick, Eco Friendly, or Stress Busting categories.

Although Spa Week in California is supposed to run April 13-19, I scored a facial appointment at the Fresh spa on April 11 because they were so booked. What’s great about this spa is that they also provide complimentary products equal to the price of your treatment. Their products have gotten great reviews so it’s awesome that I will be getting to try out some of them for free! The spa is offering its Balance and Nourish, Purify and Control, and Age-Defy (for men) facials (regular price $125). Maybe I’ll like it enough to become a regular customer since I’ll be getting products each time I go as well.

I hope everyone gets the chance to check out the site and book yourself some time to relax and refresh those heads and shoulders, knees and toes. We deserve it!


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