Keys Please

Yesterday I locked myself out of the apartment.  NOT the best timing (although, when is?) considering I had just bought groceries that needed refrigeration AND the Amazing Race was going to be on in 30 minutes.  So I pulled a move from the old Hollywood book and used a credit card to push and jigger the lock free.  Incredibly, it actually worked and I got in after 10 minutes! My surprise was only surpassed by an even higher level of triumph and self-congratulations.

Though the situation convinced me that I am now part ninja, it also reminded me that it may be high time to get a key pouch/holder.  I forget my keys much too often, and am spoiled by having roommates who open the door for me each time.  There are 2 key pouches in particular I’d been admiring, both of the Marc by Marc Jacobs variety. On the left is the Totally Turnlock version ($68), on the right is the Downtown Classic Key Pouch ($125) for a twist.

keypouch3  keypouch11

The ingenius part about these goodies is the key ring that goes inside the pouch, so that you can also keep key cards or credit cards/ID’s in the same place.  This is perfect for me, because my outer door uses a hotel-like card to get in, and I’d like to keep everything together.  I also like the brass turnlocks, and the patent leather is super cute and eyecatching. The question now is – what color?!

patent21    patent


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