Cutesy Couple Gifts

Valentine’s Day came and went, coinciding with a long weekend thanks to Presidents Day, and was the perfect excuse to take a short trip out to Boston.  Besides picking up the tab for two nice dinners, the boyfriend scored bonus points for 2 additional gifts: 1. Hello Kitty MAC (beauty powder and lip glosses, love the packaging and colors) and 2. a supercute/corny body pillow case from BoldLoft that I’ve eyed for awhile.


BoldLoft carries adorable and unique gifts for when you’re in the mood for a little playground romance – their illustrations are of simple black and white stick figures with a splash of red for decoration that capture an almost child like, sweet moment between couples.  The designs are repeated on different products; personally I think the pillow cases and his-and-her mugs are great as a “gift for you, gift for me”.  Not so sure if I’d wear matching T-shirts, and shot glasses take the innocent-love feel away (what? alcohol isn’t romantic?!)

My interest in this company started when I was looking for gifts appropriate for a long-distance relationship. I wanted two parts of an item, to have something to remind each other of the missing half; a gift not unlike the “Best Friends Forever” necklaces I used to love in elementary school. Here are other ones I like!



 A sassy one:



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  1. Hampers says:

    Nice blog with nice gifts displayed on a blog. The give away look is so cute. Keep it up the good work.

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