Jane Marvel Travel Bags

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself needing to pack for some weekends here and there. Whether it be crashing at a friend’s place after a night out or taking a quick business trip, I’ve been needing a real carry-all that’s both cute and functional. I think I’ve finally found a perfect option!

Jane Marvel is a designer I have not seen or heard of until now, but whose duffel bags, carry-alls, and totes have me wanting to buy them all! The bags range in size and shape and come in a bevy of fun colors. She even makes laptop bags for the business/student travelers out there like me. I was so in love with them that I could barely get myself to choose just one. After some debate, I finally settled on the Duffel Weekender in Stars and Sky and a matching cosmetic bag!! As an added perk, all the bags come with free complementary gifts, such as, mirrors, travel pouches, eyemasks, and CD holders.

The items are affordable, ranging from $40 to $130. After perusing the site a little more and learning about the company, I was surprised to find out that the bags are eco-friendly, leather-free and waterproof. I really think I’m in love. Apparently I’m not the only one. These bags have also been featured in magazines, such as, Marie Claire, O, Life&Style, and Women’s Health! Why have I not discovered them until now?!

Buy now because DailyCandy (one of my favorite sites) is also offering a 30% discount with code: DAILYCANDY. I can’t wait for my order to arrive!


2 Responses to Jane Marvel Travel Bags

  1. coastalpolitan says:

    omg cute!! i love discovering new lines!!! and i’ve been looking for organizational pouches to go into luggages and weekend bags

  2. mich LA says:

    she’s based out of new york! maybe you can go check out her store?

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