New Year, New Moisturizer

Like many, I have been on a constant search for the *perfect* moisturizer. Sadly, there are so many on the market that I have never really stuck with (or been too satisfied) with just one. When my Korres moisturizer ran out, I was definitely ready to try a new one.

While picking up gifts during the holidays at Sephora, I asked the service rep for some moisturizer suggestions. I’ve always wanted to try Ole Henriksen products but have never known where to even start. The brand approach of “less is more” is simple and practical and a saying we’ve all heard often in relation to beauty and make-up. I ended up picking the Herbal Day Creme. Loaded with antioxidants and SPF, the moisturizer was toted to me as having the ability to balance and brighten my skin.

I’ve been using the cream for 2 weeks now and I have to say that my feelings are mixed. My skin is definitely well hydrated and my make-up goes on smoothly–a plus for these winter days. The hydration factor comes with a definite downside though: I’ve noticed that my face becomes super oily by mid-day and my make-up starts to sit on top of it. Not a pretty sight. I might try using a primer with it, but why put in extra work? Thankfully, I haven’t noticed my skin getting better or worse yet. This is definitely a gentle product and the ingredients are much better than most of the products I’ve used, but I might have to enjoy its benefits through nightly use and days when I don’t wear make-up to save myself from showing up to work with a greasy face.


2 Responses to New Year, New Moisturizer

  1. janibal NYC says:

    I’ve always been curious about this line. Let us know if your skin reacts negatively to it – usually I’d say a lack of reaction to a moisturizer is a good thing! My own cream is running out too, so it’s time for another trial. We are definitely product swingers, perpetually searching for the next best thing.

  2. Jessica says:

    My go to moisturizer is the shu uemura depsea moisture replenishing cream. I’ve gone thruogh about 4 jars of it now and it never fails me. Creamy w/o being filmy. I think it’s perfect, going onto my 5th jar now…

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